Back In Black: Visa Black Card

You may not be one of the 1% of Americans who owns a Visa Black card but that does not mean you cannot enjoy their marketing. This video was sent in by Grant Lankford and features Curt Morgan and his team at Brain Farm as they work on the current ad campaign for the Visa Black Card. Everything about this video is sick from the choppers, the model in black leather, the one of a kind black yacht, and of course the cinematography. This video shows just how much creativity you can have with a simple concept like "back in black".

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Roy Patton's picture

holy crap! i want 1000 frames per sec lol

They probably had to use a huge chunk of a black card account for this commercial.

Waow! OMG! Excellent!

When you see the American Express Black campaign after that. Pfffff :-)

Nick West's picture

Great execution and the cinematography is awesome! I just can't help but feel that Back in Black is the wrong track to use for these visuals, it's just totally disconnected especially when she is walking to the bike at the beginning. This is a real shame because I'm guessing they were going for a 'James Bond badass/girl villain' theme but to me this is kinda lost because of the pacing in this particular track.

That aside, awesome video, as always from Brain Farm. You guys can check out the full 2 minute commercial here:

For more BTS (lots of camera geeking out!) I also highly recommend taking a look at Curt Morgan's (Brain Farm) page on Creators Project here:

An amazing showreel! Also take a look at the Phantom showreel on the same page, awesome use of slow mo!

That was AWSOME....

Awesome BTS. Though I agree with that song being a little too 'on-the-nose'. And it was a shame that they ended with that wide-angle shot, it looked very digital.
Excellent casting and cinematography.

Wow! Very inspiring. Its very interesting to see all the shots by themselves. And then how powerful they are once they are all combined.

I agree. I wonder who chose that music.

Pfffft.... I reckon i could do all that with a 10D and a 480ex flashed in an ebay umbrella..

Beautiful shots and execution, but I have to say I have no idea what it has to do with a prestigious credit card.

Having just wrapped a US Cellular commercial today where we used the Weisscam (similar to the Phantom) where we shot a variety of shots at 2000fps, I have a great appreciation for BTS work on this black card job etc. Thanks for posting this!!! Always enjoy viewing what others are doing and how their doing it! Have to admit, I thought the commercial could've been MUCH better in regards to pacing, shot seclection, style and story but I enjoyed the BTS either way. Any additional great links for more filmmaking BTS would be great! Thanks again!

Donna's an awesome model.

this is ridicules to see where Curt Morgan and Brain Farm has come from.. Snowboarding videos to Visa Commercials I want to see a documentary on Curts life and how he got where he is now... inspirational