Behind the Scenes of Back To The Future Hoverboarding

Behind the Scenes of Back To The Future Hoverboarding

Back To The Future may be my all time favorite series of movies. Ever since BTTF2, I've been patiently waiting for scientists to create a hoverboard but for some reason we still aren't there yet. When they filmed this iconic scene, CGI still was in its infancy and so good old fashion ropes and harnesses were used. In this video you can see this rig in its testing phase.

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At least they are building podracers now. The far future of Star Wars is going to happen earlier than the near future of BTTF.

wow this is even more amazing than the movie scene. These guys were so talented then. They still are now but back then they were really pulling off some amazing special effects.

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Road? Where we going, we don't need road.

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The scientist have 3 years left to make this happen for real... :P

Amazing special effects for what they had to work with!