[Behind The Scenes] How Chipotle's Willie Nelson Commercial Stole The Grammys

As a music lover myself, the Grammys is one of the few awards shows I sit down to watch year after year. This something interesting happened I had never seen before; a commercial featuring Willie Nelson singing Coldplay's The Scientist actually outshined the live performance from Coldplay moments before. Twitter was ablaze with comments about "that cute Chipotle" commercial. The commercial, Back to the Start, didn't first premiere on the Grammys but it must have been the first time many viewers had seen it. Check out the making of video below and go behind the scenes with the artists who created "a fresher pork".

Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Chipotle's Back To The Start Commercial

Final Chipotle commercial Back To The Start with Willie Nelson

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From an artistic standpoint, Great video. but what a joke when i saw Chipotle. Aren't they owned by McDonald's? It's a feel good video with no promises...am I wrong?

Anthony, no. They aren't. McDonalds was at one point a shareholder (last back in '06) but sold their position because Chipotle's ideals and business model did not align with their own. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chipotle_Mexican_Grill


Profits isn't everything.... I've stopped eating meat and the only meat I eat around 1-2 a month is Bio....

Why  would you complicate doing something like this when you could do it more easily in 3D?

Doing it this way shows it's hand made and a ton of work went into it instead of taking the easier 3D option. It's partly what the commercial is saying, don't mass produce because it's cheaper/easier. Kind of the same as why people still shoot film instead of digital.

Absolutely loved this.  Wish I had made it.