[BTS Video] This Drummer Is On Fire!

Photographer Sasha Leahovcenco was featured on the Profoto Blog a few days back for his BTS video of him shooting his long time drumer pal, Mike Johnston that included lighting Mike's drumsticks on fire. The outcome is pretty great, I'm a fan. Enjoy!

Sasha's lighting gear includes the Profoto D4 Head powered by an Acute2R 2400 shot into the Profoto 5' Octa

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Does anyone know of another option besides the LED wash lights that aren't $800? Would love to use them for music videos.

Cool idea! Its always nice to see people thinking a bit outside the box. Inspiring! 



Sasha Leahovcenco's picture

thanks Carlos

Awesomeeeeeeeee :) 

Great lighting and idea. I'm not sure about the model and/or pose though. 

Fire is such an extreme thing to work with, so having a person that is all but extreme (both in terms of style and pose) clashes in a way. 

Fire, to me, is rock & roll, adrenaline and all that, while this guy looks way to nice and gentle.