We Review the Profoto Clic Octa: Imagine a Softbox You Can Assemble in One Second

We Review the Profoto Clic Octa: Imagine a Softbox You Can Assemble in One Second

The newly released Profoto Clic Softbox is a modifier that is designed to fill in the void that the A1 system had: no soft modifiers. Find out now how Profoto created the first Clic softbox that you can assemble in one second and whether this softbox is even any good.


The problem I had with Profoto A1 series flashes was that adding modifiers was a nightmare. I mean, just think about the OCF adapter for the A1 series. Not only was it overpriced, by a lot, but it was also bulky and not exactly the best thing to take on a trip where each gram counts. The only benefit it offered was the ability to add OCF modifiers you wanted. But the cons outweighed the pros significantly. I tried using the OCF adapter for a review at some point, but I didn’t like the idea of it at all. So, until now, people were stuck with their A series flashes, which are great but have no modifiers, unless you bought into the Clic modifiers, which are also expensive for what they are. 

As you can tell, I was waiting for something like Clic softbox to appear on the market. But I didn’t quite expect it to be something as cool as this. 

Build Quality

What separates this softbox from the bunch is the fact that you can build it in a second. Literally. It is the reason I love this modifier. Building on the legacy of Clic accessories, this one also attaches via magnets and holds in place. The trick is that it attaches the flash to the softbox, and then, the softbox is attached to the modifier. 

The magnets inside the Clic softbox are incredibly strong. I wobbled mine as if it was on a flight to London (pretty violently, basically), and it didn’t come off. 

The rods that are used in the Clic softbox are also very well made. Having bent them almost in half, I had nothing break. It is fair to say that, again, Profoto has made a durable product that will hold in place. 

Another useful feature of this softbox is, as I mentioned, it attaches to the light stand directly, eliminating the need for a bracket. Profoto designed a simple spin-lock mechanism that is also very sleek and low-volume. You can adjust the softbox up and down using a push mechanism integrated into the handle. In order to build the softbox, you simply pull on a part of the speedring. Disassembling, press a button. Adding accessories such as Clic gels is also possible if you attach them inside the speedring. I also broke down the softbox and used the handle as a holder for a bare-bulb A1 flash. 

From experience using it, it is lightweight, which lets me handhold it with one hand and shoot with the other. Alternatively, you can give it to an assistant, who would be happy to know that it’s made to be handheld and not attached to a stand. The Clic softbox is made for people who shoot weddings, on-location portraits, and travel with their gear. Although with that said, there is no reason for you to not use the Clic softbox in the studio. Being lightweight and cordless, it is a great modifier to boom or place in a weird position. 

Light Quality 

It produces good quality light. When bought new, it won’t noticeably tint your flash and will produce a clean spill. The light from the Clic Softbox Octa is exactly the same as the light from any 2’ octa softbox. What makes this modifier special is that it is made for portability.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the diffusers from the softbox, which is a disappointment to a light control freak such as myself.  

Here are some sample images I shot with the 2’ octa. 

What I Liked 

  • Clever, brilliant design
  • Lightweight 
  • Well priced

What Could Be Improved 

  • Ability to remove diffusers 

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, the Profoto Clic Softbox is a modifier that made their OCF adapter for the A1 obsolete. Designed to be portable, it delivers on that promise and would be a great addition to a photographer’s kit. Coming in at $299, it is also priced fairly well, for Profoto products at least. In one sentence, this modifier offers more versatility and further expansion to your A1 series flashes that enable you to get soft light more easily.

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I'm actually working on a review of the 24" Angler Fastbox right now. That's the original modifier that Profoto decided to rip off and rebrand at double the price. I have a friend's Profoto Clic Softbox and it's basically identical to the Fastbox which I'll show in the video. The only noticeable difference is the handle on the Clic Softbox is smoother but that's it. The Angler Fastbox comes with a grid at $160 while the Profoto Clic Softbox is $300 minus a grid. Their grid can be bought for $129 and admittedly is really nice as it wraps around the Clic Softbox rather than using velcro as the usual grid operates. Great portable modifier but no need to buy the Profoto version at all when the Fastbox is half the price and near identical.

Maybe Profoto is trying to get back at Godox for ripping off the A1 ;)

Thanks for sharing this as I was considering getting the Profoto Softbox.

Not sure how you connected Godox here. Profoto ripped off Angler and nobody mentioned Godox.

I was making a joke. Profoto made the A1 and then Godox made a flash that was clearly a rip off of the A1. So I was joking that since somebody ripped off Profoto, they decided to rip someone else off in return.

Hi Francisco, thanks for reading and commenting,
I wouldn't say that Profoto ripped off Angler, but I see where you're coming from with that claim. Unless that design is patented, they have all rights to use it. I'm sure it takes more than a few months to develop a product, even if it's a softbox.

There's a cheaper alternative to everything, but the quality and longevity you get from premium lighting brands can't be matched. Having said that, the Godox Parabolic modifiers are incredible! Review coming soon.

The Clic softbox is made to work with A-series lights, and does it really well, especially with the magnetic mount. Angler one is made to be portable too but flops with mounting the light to the softbox. I always invest a lot in modifiers, as they often have the final say in how the image looks (if the styling, makeup, and 100500 other components are on point).

I literally have both in hand at my home and it's as close to the same product as I've ever seen. I'm almost done with my review though and plan to show just how identical they are in my video. Outside fabric, interior material, the pattern on the internal diffuser, the little strings holding the internal diffusion panel to the softbox, and the rods used are all the same. Also, no point in mentioning longevity as you only could have had the clic softbox since Profoto released it at the start of this year and have not seen how long it can last. It's noteworthy that Profoto turned off comments on any video about the clic softbox on Youtube as if wanting to prevent any mention of the Angler version that's half the price.

Looking forward to your review and even more, to the images you will create with your modifier!!!

I wouldn't say that anybody ripped off anybody. These kind of softboxes are, to my knowledge, all made in Korea by what I suppose is Rime Lite, which is a lesser known flash manufacturer that has been in operation for a while.

They call it the OneTik and you can see it here : http://rimelite.com/wordpress/?page_id=23030

The best known rebrands of these softboxes are by SMDV, another Korean flash lighting company and Adorama in the USA under the name GLOW. Maybe it's the other way around and SMDV is the manufacturer, not sure. Another company rebranding them is Fomei.

In the US, you could buy the SMDV version for way cheaper than the Profoto version here : https://smdvflip.com/shop/flip

If you look at the Profoto Clic, you can clearly see that the handle is made exactly the same as all the others so it's a dead giveaway that this is a rebranding job (maybe modified a bit to only be for Profoto speedlites)

I have a couple of Profoto lights (B1 and A1) and I love them, but I also have the Godox V1 and it's just as nice. I have only 1 Profoto modifier and I bought it used. The Clic is nice and I would love to have one, but it's not ground breaking. I use the Westcott Rapid Box series of Octa's and softboxes and they set up just as quick. Not knocking the Profoto version (other than the price), but it's not ground breaking (like the B1 was when it came out).

The Rapid Box is a good range of modifiers! I would love to try them actually.

$300 for a 24" octa? Nah. If I'm gonna spend 300 bucks, it ain't gonna be on a 24". I mean, I love portability and quick setups, but, you just have to know when you're being gouged and taken advantage of.

you're right, it's certainly not budget friendly. Unless you own Profoto and $300 is nothing for Profoto pricing haha.

I just bought the Clic Softbox and am very happy with it! And for me, the OCF Adapter is not obsolete. I have two OCF Adapters and feel they are invaluable to incorporate my A series strobes in with my larger Profoto lights. They provide a solid base to mount any OCF accessory and use it with the A series flashes, without putting stress on the flash when using a larger modifier.

glad you're liking it!

Adorama's Glow Brand also has something similar

Hi everyone,
You have a lot of people like Francisco Hernandez that only talks down about brands he doesn't like; mostly because they are expensive. He mentions that Profoto decided to rip off and rebrand another brand but why doesn't he mention the Godox ripped of and rebranded the Profoto A1 with the Godox V1?
If you are going to talk about ripping off a brand, argue when Godox rips off another brand as well.
Moving forward. I use Profoto because
1) Product Quality
2) Customer Service
3) House Rentals will always have it
4) Uniformity of my gear
5) Respectable brand

If the product works for you, have at it and use it. If it doesn't work for you, don't use it; plain and simple. Why do I say this?
Because if you consider yourself
an influencer (Fernando Hernandez), you should educate and speak good about all brands respectfully because you never know who needs to hear the good of all brands.
By being this way, you will earn the respect and love from fellow photographers, followers, camera company's, and any other company that is in the photography industry.
You honestly don't get anything positive from always taking bad about a brand.
Besides, how can yoi expect for companies to want to sponsor you, when all they know is that you are always a negative Nancy.
So if you are new to photography, rent out cameras, lenses, and photography lights.
See what it's about and ask advice to the one's who use the brand and not to the one's who look down on the brand.
Because if it was about talking bad about a brand and I was like Francisco; I would be telling you:

"Buy Profoto because Godox can be purchased on Wish, Alibaba, and any other places that sell items that are made in China and would you really trust your photography career on items that are made cheaply and that are made in China?"

And remember; although Profoto is expensive, so is a Lamborghini and do you think Lamborghini cares about the people whontalk bad about them? Do you think they care that their products cost more than cars made in China? Nope !
If you buy a Lamborghini, it's because you want something of luxury; Lamborghini knows it's worth. If not, they'll gladly open the door for you, so that Franciso can lead you to the cheap brand that's made in China.

Happy Shooting everyone !

I thought it. You said it!