[BTSV] Mission Impossible, Filming From a Half Mile High

If you're curious how Tom Cruise and a film crew got their shots on the Dubai Tower, here's a little sampling of their set up. I suppose since it's his trademark, if someone's going to run down the side of the tallest building in the world, it might as well be Tom Cruise.

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my country and pround

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Good for him to have the guts to do the stunt himself.  The Burj Khalifa is 823 meters (approx), or just over a half mile high, not one and a half.  Interesting to see the BTS camera work!

yeah i had a feeling nothing was that tall.... :)

Wouldn't think Tom is the one doing his stunts himself, wawwww

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Really? He is well known for doing his own stunts.

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Tom Cruise has been doing his own stunts since MI2. You can say all you want about him but he got balls!

Nice work on the stunts AND the post-proc guys removing all the wires :)

No, that's NOT Tom Cruise......look at 0025 and at 0047, its clearly a much younger stuntman.

looks like him to me

yeah, he clearly looks like a scientology guy.

It was Tom doing this. Video shot by a tourist and released last year showed him waving to people outside the glass as he hung there and went by them. Needless to say, they were shocked. The guy does own and fly a P-51 Mustang, drove in NASCAR type vehicles ( he was turned on by Paul Newman way back in the Color of Money days).. He's got stones... ya can't take that away from him.

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this is Tom doing the stunts... if you can even call it a stunt, he's roped up like a puppet its be kinda impossible for him to fall or something go wrong. 

Can we please change the title of the post. The building is not 1.5 miles tall. Just because Brad Bird is either dumb or exaggerating doesn't mean we should follow suit.  

I'm amazed people still want to believe this is Tom Cruise. LOOK at the guy at 0047 of the film, clearly a much younger guy with a different jawline and thinner face. The PR machine certainly has won out on this one.

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He just has his jaw clenched you can tell by his mouth. It still looks like him. Why would he do the swinging one, but not the climbing one?

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Also at 0047 mark, he looks right at the camera (the one filming the movie) why would they get a stunt man to look right at the camera?