Capturing Unique Angles in Tight Spaces

Adding interesting angles to your shots is one way to get creative; however, when the camera is in tight spaces, it's not always easy to do so. Nonetheless, there are usually several different ways to achieve that unique shot.

Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens shows off his method of getting those creative, unique angles from tight spaces while using the Platypod Max flat plate tripod system paired with the Vanguard Alta BH-100 ball head. In one of the tips Morgan mentions, he talks about wired tethering as an option to see the framing while setting it up. However, there are many camera systems with built-in options to use or even wireless tethering peripherals you can add for another solution over wired tethering if that won't work in your situation (like the camera inside the oven in this video). My Canon 6D has built-in Wi-Fi so I can use my phone to see what the camera is seeing. My other camera has a built-in articulating screen that can be used as well, so there are many solutions that can help you in your situation based on your gear.

Do you have any tips for capturing creative and unique angles in tight situations with limited space?

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

This is awesome, I want a 6d for that reason, I always seem to be needing the capability to trigger the camera from a weird spot

Black Rock's picture

With Sony A7, you can use Play memories app for the full control both video & photos.

Since 4 years ago.

The USB 2.0 cable (I know, such an antique) from your camera's box and a cheap app from the internet give full manual remote control of a DSLR from a PC or tablet. It works with something as old as Canon 600d. If you don't have money for the app use the articulated screen and the self-timer. Get a set of 2 umbrellas and 2 stands for under $100, add more LED light bulbs to it and shoot. You don't need Sony Aonemillion or lights as expensive as a car. Light is light. A photo is light that falls onto a film/sensor. One of Kubrick's best movies was litten with candles. Use your imagination not your illusion. *Rant out. :)