[DIY] A 38 Seconds Tip For Photographers Traveling Abroad

A hyper, over caffeinated Benjamin Von Wong sent me this super short, super simple but super easy to overlook tip. So, if you plan on traveling any time in the near future and have 38 seconds to spare, give it a look.

Benjimin Von Wong:
Quick Tip # 1 - Bring a powerbar when you travel! Oh, and don't drink too much coffee before filming!
Had a great time shooting this with Udi from diyphotography.net. He had a pretty impressive home studio setup using 100$ worth of home depot lights against a white wall that really produced (IMHO) some really really neat lighting. I've been asked a bunch of times to start a youtube content so I'm hoping to actually make a whole bunch of entertaining (and hopefully educational) videos in the near future. Parallel to that, I'm working on actually setting up a proper blog over at http://www.vonwong.com/blog. Please comment with feedback but keep in mind I'm still working hard at it!

via [DIYPhotography]

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Jesus DeLaTorre's picture

Any link to the $100 home depot setup?

rabbitinpumpkin's picture

Read source link.
update: oh wait. nvm. duh. Looks like it doesn't include the link

Larissa Lognay's picture

pretty cool Ben ! 

Michael Kormos's picture

Been doing that for about 10 years while traveling :-)  Gosh, I feel so smart and ahead of the curve!  

angus mordant's picture

I have been doing this for years! Nothing new, common sense really!