Do You Want To Be a Man?

On the heals of Isaiah Mustafa, we were sent this already viral video on a parody of the old spice commercial for the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. Unfortunately, Old Spice does not film behind the scenes videos of their commercials so you are left only hearing about how it was shot after the fact (which is great nevertheless). Watch this fun video by Stephen Jones and Scott Winn over at on how they created a spoof of the original for their alma mater. Click the full post to watch the full version; it's almost as good as the Old Spice versions.

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Scott's picture

This very well done. I loved watching it. Great Job Guys.

Brodie Butler's picture

haha that dude is hilarious

Stephen's picture

Well, setting aside the fact that I'm a U of U alum, and they are BYU, they did a good job (shudder!!!!), I guess.

No, good job guys, maybe one day we can get you to transfer to the red school up north.

Zachary Breaux's picture

So glad this made it on the site! Its so good!

Donnie Bell Design's picture

A lot of detail, a lot of effort. Glad to see they had fun while doing it. Good job guys.

Ali's picture

very well done!

Cas's picture

Brahahahahahaha!!!! Nice!