Drone Camera Shoots Super Slick Skater Video "Firefly"

Firefly is a super slick skater video shot with a JamCopter, a remote controlled helicopter rigged with a camera, that follows a skater and his LED lit board around a city.

The birds eye perspective and high camera angle shots create some really nice movements and give scale to the skaters journey. The project was created by samadhiproduction.cz and utilizes the use of remote controlled helicopters from jamcopters.cz.

Very cool, very slick, very simple.


Created by:

Jan Minol

Jan Dojcan

Jan Minol / Jan Dojcan

Jan Minol

Jana Minolova

Jan Fuksa
Ondrej Prochazka
Daniel Truhlar

Jan Minol

Nullified Mark Petrie

Watch making of FIREFLY here:

Via - didgeridoodigital.com

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Awesome. Great vision, great style.

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thats how you make a skate video

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fast & furious

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nice! a first!

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that is sick

That was intense. Hope they don't get caught with those remote helicopters filming though... that is unless they had prior FAA approval. http://fstoppers.com/using-drones-faa-approval-photos-or-video-is-illegal Incredibly amazing job though. I loved the concept.

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It's been shot in Brno, Czech Republic. We don't have any restrictions that would ban you from using a flying camera unless you are close to a military area or an airport I guess. Go Czech!!!

Technically we do, But for the most part what they are were doing would have been legal, except for the fact that they were doing it all in the middle of the street lol. 39 states have laws regulating Video/drone systems. Other than that, there are usually laws about commercial filming without permits and other needs.

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Too bad you can't do something like this in the U.S.

Apparently, any flying camera is illegal according the FAA.

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Skaters are shot with quadcopters regularly in the US. There were 3 at an event I was at just a week and a half ago.

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FAA currently bans all commercial use of drones pending regulatory rules scheduled to be published sometime in 2015.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/faa-ban-on-commercial-drones-2013-3#ixzz2...

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My brain just exploded.

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Hoverboard!!!!!! BTTF finnaly came true!!!!

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The design and technology of the skateboard is interesting, as is some of the camera work. But, in my opinion, the music doesn't quite match up to the content, which gets a little boring after the first minute. It's a man, skating, on a blue skateboard, on the street. It's cool, but only for a little while.

I can see how you end with that, I felt like it needed to be promo length, like 30-45 seconds. There was so much darkened out that you fell off after a while. I really liked the beginning bit

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Shot near the end in the tunnel was my favorite- loved the idea, but wanted to see more from that perspective. Birdseye view doesn't do much for showing off the technicality of a freestyle street skater. LED was great though.

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He didnt seem like he was a particularly good skater so.. Im not so sure how much more there would have been to see.

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A skate video without fish lenses? Make a wish!

Cool vid indeed.

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Dont feed the trolls! you give trolls candy they still whine....everyone who trolled on this is a moron period

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Nice work :)

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Wha? I wish I had the kind of brain that could think of these things.

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sweet,great moon shots and slick ride

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