Flickr Spotlight - Awesome Car Pictures

Flickr Spotlight - Awesome Car Pictures

Here's this weeks Flickr Spotlight, and this time - Awesome Car Pictures! There are many different types of shots - indoors, outdoors, studio-like or just action. So check out this set of the best shots we could find on Flickr and let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

If you have car photos you would like to show us, please share them on our Facebook Group! We'll be happy to see them.

Ferrari 458 Italia | Drifting
Photo: Tareq Abuhajjaj.

Vipers Bite
Photo: John Mueller.

1965 - my very first car
Photo: Frizztext.

Day 192/365 - Goodbye Mushi! :(
Photo: Connor Surdi.

Carrera Speed
Photo: Mishari Alreshaid.

The couple

Tour de Miniature
Photo: Lars Kristian Boquist

Clean (Explored)
Photo: Jianwei Yang.

Moment d'attente
Photo: Nicolas Bouvier.

Lamborghini Spark
Photo: Troy Witte.

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the word awesome is used to freely on this site

Noam Galai's picture

Note taken :)

גדול אתה!

How about "significantly rad"? :) Holds more epic pictures than this post imho... This guy knows how to use a 200 f2 and apply PP.

I agree with Yoyophoto. 

More and more I am finding that I open a link based on some description (ie Awesome, Breathtaking, Incredible etc…) only to find myself surprisingly underwhelmed and not impressed.Yes, these are, indeed, cool pictures of cars, but are they really "awesome". There's nothing here that I haven't seen in cheap commercials, on cardomain, or other user forums. You guys are supposed to lead the pack, and be head and shoulders above the rest of the noise that's out there.Don't get me wrong, I love the site and I visit daily but I feel as if lately the people in the village are becoming restless. 

Noam Galai's picture

Thanks for the feedback! 

Not bad shots the rig work really cool !

except one or two pictures, the rest are NORMAL. Honestly you are losing pieces, day by day...

The last one is CG, no photo...

 Light painting

Jacques's picture

A simple way to avoid such underwhelmed posts in the future is to take the names of the authors of these articles and avoid reading any articles of them in the future.