[Funny] The New Revolution In Beauty

My buddy Jesse Lash just posted this video on his Facebook and I had to share it with everyone here on Fstoppers. Check out this hilarious video from film maker Jesse Rosten titled "Fotoshop by Adobé". Enjoy!


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Noam Galai's picture

Wow! this is great!!

Bruno Mão De Ferro's picture

Its cool Corey nice post

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Bret Konsdorf's picture

cool behind the scenes as well...http://vimeo.com/34793617

So cool...

Jaron @ FStoppers's picture

I laughed so hard during this... haha nice Corey.

good find bret!

James Karinejad's picture

Screw the D4 I'm ordering my copy of Fotoshop by Adobé

Gert Arijs's picture

"And now, I got poked. At least twice a day!"

LOL!!!!!! Great Post! I'm still laughing....

Wayne Leone's picture

Hilarious - great post.

Anonymous's picture

HAHA this is awesome, didn't I hear of some bill being passed that there is a specific amount of post-processing going to be allowed on printed materials like magazines etc?? 

Albert Manduca's picture

Is anyone else totally going to use that 1000w halogen PLM light? Best idea ever! 

best way to DIE! lol