In The Future, Nothing Will Be Real

This video is already a year old but that doesn't mean it's not worth posting again. I was really impressed with the cinematography work and the amazing detail in the composition...and then I realized it was all completely fake! That's right, Alex Roman doesn't create that horrible Transformers CGI; his computer graphic designs are true works of art. Click the full post to see a breakdown on how this was designed as well as Alex's latest creation which features more "organic" material. If you are young and want to retire early, learn how to create this ASAP!

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Compositing Breakdown (T&S) from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Alex Roman's Latest Creation:

Silestone -- 'Above Everything Else' from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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Dave Dugdale's picture

Wow, I remember that one from a year ago and was blown away.

Alvin's picture

skills... Wow

Lee Morris's picture

I remember watching this a year ago and thinking "wow that was amazing video work" and then a month later hearing that it was all CGI and my head almost exploded.

Corey's picture

Wow some of the HDR images that this guy produced must of been Huge ! I am sure this render took forever !

Windmark's picture

Wow. That is everything I can say. I'm totally blown away aswell!

Eduardo Rivera's picture

That was simply incredible...

Har Rai Khalsa's picture

Yeah. Unbelievable. Doesn't cease to impress, no matter how many times you watch it.

Har Rai Khalsa's picture

What program, or combination of programs, do you use to create something like this?

Danny's picture

Get sucked in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! It's beautiful.

Mike's picture

Fucking amazing. I couldn't believe that some of these scenes were CGI. Just wonderful.

khappucino's picture

wow... watching that makes me think I fail at life =)
that was awesome

Shannon Wimberly's picture

How many caught the third and the seventh lines in the reversed image in the beginning....... 3rd line... Architecture and the 7th line Cinematography

Simon's picture

Alex Roman strikes again ! Fantastic video, I showed the 3rd and the 7th to my mom some time ago and she couldn't believe me it was all CGI.

@Shannon Cool, nice catch !

Lee Morris's picture

How long until videos games look like this?

max's picture

wait.... whats fake then?? the leaves?!

Ido's picture

WOW it's so real!

Robert Varkevisser's picture

I only discovered Fstoppers a few months ago.. And been constantly watching everything thats posted since then.
I never comment for some unknown reason, but like 85+ % of the content appeals to me. So I'll take this moment to say you guys do a great job and I love your site.

Watching this , was the most beautiful 12 odd minutes of my year so far.
It drew me in to the point that the world did not exist while I was watching this.

I dont have words to give it justice.
Amazing work.

yahoo-F5POJILVBC2YGSNQS6PKE2P6GQ's picture

" Alex Roman doesn’t create that horrible Transformers" but if you see carefully ..that winged building is on the transformers 3 .. Milwaukee Art Museum