Giving Back with the Ronald McDonald House

If you've never heard of the Ronald McDonald House, it's not a house full of fast food novelties. AJ Parker takes us behind the scenes with a video showing how this string of houses helps families going through tough medical circumstances.

Since hospitals are usually a far drive from most homes, the Ronald McDonald House offers a free place to stay for families who need to near the hospital for long periods of time as they help their loved ones through tough times. Check out the final video below and more of the technical details of the shoot on AJ's Blog


Ronald McDonald House Charities - More Than a House from AJ Parker Media on Vimeo.

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Great video!  So inspiring- I had no idea they did that much.

Yea great. Would also be great to see how many MCD food puts in the hospital to begin with.

Sebastian Hellström's picture

The full movie is great! Made me look up Ronald McDonalds house in Sweden and find out if they need any volunteers so you boys have done a great job with the video!