Google Glass' Latest Video Makes The Future Look So Wonderful

You may have heard of Google Glass in the past, with their nerdy glasses that stream social media directly into your field of vision. Their first video felt unpractical, and at time, a nuisance. They've changed that with their latest video, showing how you can seamlessly blend technology with your day to day life through photography, image searching and creating videos on the fly. Is this the future of technology; is our next camera just going to be photographing our field of vision?

The video above is the latest release from Google as part of their Project Glass concept. For those unfamiliar, Project Glass is meant to put your smart phone, camera, and all other technology right on your face, instead of a glowing screen in front of it. The concept glasses developed up til this point look admittingly geeky, the video shows that its a small trade off for the potential power within these glasses.


So do you think this is the future of photography? Will we reach a point were photography is more about the experiences that you are involved in? Where we all have the same capabilities attached to our heads?

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I wouldn't allow Google or any corporation to gather information about what I see. 

google find how to kill marked, just wonder if we photographer and video maker will be needed any more,
any one know what is MP ? storage etc.  @facebook-1270463424:disqus to much noise this days hard to concentrate   ZA

It may seem geeky, but in the work place it may well be the next step in the virtual office and virtual class rooms, replacing messenger apps and skype.