How Do You Film The World's Fastest 3D Car Sequence?

Filming in 3D is still relatively new to videographers. So when Jeremy Hart and professional driver David Coulthard decided to film the world fastest 3D film featuring the Mercedes SLS AMG flying down the road, they had to design and test shots that had never been filmed before. The footage is absolutely stunning and will definitely make you want to travel to Ireland/England and race sports cars up and down the Isle of Man. Click the Full Post to watch a short clip of the final movie (in 2D). Thanks to Scott Settle for emailing this to us!

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Do you know guys of FSTOPPERS the "de"service are you doing for us that pursuing the minimal gear? HOW GIVES A SH*T about D300s??? Now we want RED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you guys ... one more time: AMAZING!!!!

The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency, not irish.

Nice Vid - just a note though... The Isle of Man isn't in Ireland ;)

...hmm...don't get me wrong, I'm sure this looks super in 3D, but judging from the amount of equipment at their disposal, I thought the result shown above was a little bit disappointing. Too much of the same angels. And where was the really grand vistas? A curve here and a curve there, but I missed a little zooming out to get even more nature in?

I suspect one of the reasons they filmed this on the IoM (apart from the road itself) is that while they have speed restrictions in built up areas, they have no national speed limit - although you can still be stopped for driving recklessly. The local authorities there also seem quite helpful to TV and film crews as well - they have also closed off roads for "Top Gear" to do a road test between 3 cars, and also I believe "Fifth Gear".

I was going to question your choice of Ireland, but the main island of the Isle of Man is more or less equidistant between the north west coast of England, and the north east coast of Ireland, with ferries going to and from both (and air flights). So I guess whether you go straight there, or via Ireland or England depends upon where you live.

I want one of those cars!....LOL

Oh wow! I would love to see this in 3D.

David really does come close to scraping the side panels through some of those corners, but it's nice to have someone like him driving it for this event. He's well known and a has a decent reputation behind him.

@ Bywan:

The footage they showed is obviously the unedited RAW output of the RED camera. You've failed to realize that heavy color grading will most certainly be taking place for the final product.

Save your judgement until you've seen the finished piece.


Might be, but I wasn't talking about the colours or RAW related things. I though the POV and cutting seemed a bit...boring. They had a helicopter for God sake.

But hey, lets wait and see ey :)


mon the Scots!! Nice video! I wonder what was the total production cost? lol