How To Spin A Camera Around A Building

The folks at Candy Glass Productions have posted a cool tutorial on how to spin a camera around a building, using the CN Tower in Toronto as an example. This would be an awesome technique to highlight a landmark from a vacation if you're throwing together a video for friends and family. You could also scale down this technique for use on a portrait subject for any mixed media projects.

This effect isn't a new idea, but Candy Glass does a great job of mapping out the steps so you can achieve a very clean, believable result. Has anyone ever tried anything like this?

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WOW!!! that was awesome!!!! And I live 15 mins from the CN tower... I may try this

this is so cool! but a freakin ton of work ha

far freakin out. I probabably hav eenough shot saround the CN Tower to put that together. Worth a try.

Cool technique. Does seem like a lot of work

Did something similar a while back that I had planned to rotoscope over, but never finalized the project - YET!

Interesting technique. People need to know that cool things take a bit of work to get right.

Great idea!

good to see and interesting  and new technique to fallow

My attempt at this using the instructions.

I got the photos of a great iconic tower in Asia. How do I line them up in Photoshop? any easy and accurate way?
Thank you.