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How To Spin A Camera Around A Building

The folks at Candy Glass Productions have posted a cool tutorial on how to spin a camera around a building, using the CN Tower in Toronto as an example. This would be an awesome technique to highlight a landmark from a vacation if you're throwing together a video for friends and family. You could also scale down this technique for use on a portrait subject for any mixed media projects.

Polaroid To Announce Android-Based Mirrorless Camera

Polaroid is set to announce the release of the first Android-based mirrorless camera, the IM1836. With Android slowly making its way into the cameras we carry, this could be the start of something wonderful. And with the looks and build closely mimicking the Nikon 1 J2, this could be very tempting choice for lots of mirrorless enthusiasts.

Flickr Updates iPhone And iPod Touch App

If you're an iPhone or iPod Touch user, you'll be happy to hear that Flickr has updated their app with some great new functionality. With a built-in editor, instant sharing on multiple social platforms, and a slick exploration interface, they're making a great mobile Flickr experience. And while Flickr's past iPhone and iPod Touch apps might have left you wanting more, I think this is one worth checking out.

Meticulous Time Lapse of Central Park Fall Colors

Filmmaker Jamie Scott spent a six month span of time filming his time lapse titled "Fall" in New York City's Central Park. The amount of planning and execution that went into this time lapse is pretty impressive, and I'm definitely digging the results. As a New Yorker myself, I really appreciated the subject he used to show off the changing fall colors.

CreativeLIVE Hosts Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Starting today, creativeLIVE will be hosting Tim Ferriss to talk about The 4-Hour™ Life: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. During this exciting 2-day workshop, Tim will present his best lessons, principles, and hacks for becoming (and remaining) "healthy, wealthy, and wise." As always, the course is free while it's live and cheaper if pre-purchased before the course ends. Enroll here!

A Question of Color

Before Joel Meyerowitz’s work came along, most curators and collectors focused exclusively on acquiring black and white photographs. In the 1960s Meyerowitz started challenging that norm; part of that process was for him to carry two cameras -- one loaded with b&w film and the other with color -- and photograph the same scene with both cameras.

Wedding Photography Boot Camp With Sal Cincotta

Starting tomorrow, creativeLIVE is hosting Sal Cincotta for a 5-day Wedding Photography Boot Camp. Everything from sales, packaging, marketing, client consultations, and managing the actual wedding day will be covered.

Hermes Transforms Polaroids Into Scarves

Hermes recently released their third iteration of Hermes Editeur, a limited edition set of scarves conceived through a collaboration with an artist. This edition features Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and his series "Colors of Shadow", in which he took Polaroids of Tokyo sunrises over the course of a year.

Reid Gower Spends 6 Months Filming Timelapse

In case you haven't heard the name Reid Gower before, he's the Canadian guy who started making ad campaigns to promote NASA because they can't actually spend taxpayer money to do it themselves. He just released a timelapse that he spent 6 months working on, titled Natural Phenomena, and it's got a few interesting twists that others haven't had until now.

Adobe Releases Lightroom 4.2, Camera Raw 7.2 Update

Adobe just released the Lightroom 4.2 update, and you can grab the Windows version here or the Mac version here. Most notably, Nikon D600 files are now supported (with a slight hitch, read on for details)!

10 Photo Hoaxes Throughout History

It's incredibly easy to fake photos these days with a few minutes in Photoshop, but it wasn't always that easy. Take a look at these 10 photo hoaxes throughout history, from the first one in 1830 to some more modern ones.

Arkansas Razorbacks Gigapixel Stadium Panorama

The Arkansas Razorbacks recently teamed up with Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas to create a Gigapixel pano of the football stadium during a home game. The team turned it into a cool social media campaign where fans can tag themselves and friends and win prizes. You can check out the full pano here.

5 Reasons Why Being a Photography Assistant Is Worth It

Earlier this month, Drew Gurian sat down with Allen Murabayashi of Photoshelter to discuss the ins and outs of being a photography assistant. In this hour-long interview, Drew breaks it down for us and leaves us with five reasons being an assistant is worth it.

Shooting Rock Climbers With Studio Strobes

Tom Bol utilizes some extra tall light stands and generous amounts of sand bagging to get some studio strobes up on a wall with some rock climbers. Check out this behind the scenes video to see how easy it is to use studio strobes in an elevated situation like climbing.

Software Rates How Drastically Photos Are Retouched

Dr. Hany Farid, a professor of computer science and a digital forensics expert at Dartmouth, has developed a piece of software that will rate the extent to which photographs have been digitally altered on a scale of 1 to 5.

Top Instagram Users Receive Red Carpet Treatment at U.S. Open

If you're an Instagram user and a tennis lover, you may want to brush up on your iPhone photography skills and get a few thousand followers by the time next year's U.S. Open rolls around. Three of Instagram's top users - @bridif, @takinyerphoto and @newyorkcity, who together bring over 600,000 followers with them - will be given unprecedented access to photograph the U.S. Open today alongside traditional media outlets.