5 Reasons Why Being a Photography Assistant Is Worth It

Earlier this month, Drew Gurian sat down with Allen Murabayashi of Photoshelter to discuss the ins and outs of being a photography assistant. In this hour-long interview, Drew breaks it down for us and leaves us with five reasons being an assistant is worth it.

Drew has worked for the past four years as the first assistant to none other than Joe McNally, and throughout that time has learned quite a bit about the unique skills it takes to be a successful assistant. Photoshelter also put out a PDF guide earlier this year titled "The Photo Assistant's Handbook", which contains more great information, and can be snagged for free here.

via [Photoshelter]

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Mike Kelley's picture

Something tells me being an assistant for Joe McNally is a little more gratifying than being an assistant for some randy senior portrait shooter in Podunk, Nowhere. Hell, I'd give up my (admittedly, not illustrious, though I am entirely my own boss and have built a relatively solid client base) career to be Joe's assistant.

great post guys!