Polaroid To Announce Android-Based Mirrorless Camera

Polaroid To Announce Android-Based Mirrorless Camera

Polaroid is set to announce the release of the first Android-based mirrorless camera, the IM1836. With Android slowly making its way into the cameras we carry, this could be the start of something wonderful. And with the looks and build closely mimicking the Nikon 1 J2, this could be very tempting choice for lots of mirrorless enthusiasts.


Here are the specs:



  • Powered by Android 4
  • 3.5" touchscreen
  • 18.1MP sensor
  • Pop-up flash
  • Micro SD
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • HDMI and headphones outputs
  • Panorama, blink detection functions


via [Photo Rumors]

I think Android migrating into cameras could open up some interesting opportunities for open source software to customize how our cameras operate. What do you think?

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Considering the Nikon J series are unics, this could actually be a better camera, because you can hack the OS to make the camera do what YOU want it  to!

 Actually, you can hack any DSLR. There are Internet groups that develop alternative firmware for DSLRs that can unlock features that the chips inside can do but normally are unlocked only in higher models (As it is easier to place the same chip in a whole set of cameras than to produce a weaker chip for weaker cameras). So for example, you can unlock built-in HDR, higher ISO range, more bracketing values and shutter speeds and other stuff in some models!

There is only one problem: Replacing the firmware means your warranty is gone. Ouch... there is a solution thought: You can actually load the open source replacement firmware from the memory card directly, without touching the built in firmware!!! (Just don't forget to remove that hacked card before taking it to the customer service if it needs repair.)

But I agree, it would be much much better if we had the option to "legally" hack the original firmware without losing warranty.

 I'm aware of hacks, but they're far and few in-between. Android is a readily hackable OS. It's much easier to find a community to root the Android OS in this camera than the reversed-engineered proprietary OSs in Nikons, Canons, etc.

We'll have to see how the hardware stacks up. It probably won't be anything to write home about, but overall it looks decent enough. The fact that Polaroid just stuffed Android into this thing may be the best decision they made. This could become a cult camera as a consequence.

Oh hell no. If Polaroid can make one, Kodak can certainly kick ass with a mirrorless. Cmon Kodak, you can do it!

So does that mean I'll have to install antivirus software on my camera and constantly reboot it because its locked up? Sorry, Android is a dreadful platform and I don't want it anywhere near my camera.