Meet the New Nikon 1 V3

Meet the New Nikon 1 V3

Details for the new Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera have been announced early and they are looking good! One of the largest talked about features are the huge improvements in the video recording from the camera. Plus, it is only priced at $1,196.95 for a kit.

"The Nikon V3 will be the first mirrorless camera to feature 120fps HD slow-mo at 1280 x 720 resolution. Also available are 400fps and 1200fps at lower resolutions. Nikon have added an electronic stabilization mode (called EVR) and 1080/60p to round out the spec." This is perfect for all of the videographers out there looking for something small to carry around. It is crazy that it took this long for these kinds of specs to release on a larger format camera since we can look at iPhones and GoPros which both offer 120fps shooting. So, THANK YOU NIKON for this. Hopefully these features become more common in more camera releases throughout the year.

Here is some test footage that has been uploaded to Nikon's official Youtube page

According to, the V3 has been redesigned from the ground up with its focus on still images. Previously the V1 camera was built with 10mp which upgraded to 14mp in the V2 and now the V3 will have 18mp. The camera will also be able to shoot a whopping 20fps for still images with AFC enabled! Of course, you will also be able to shoot in RAW or jpeg.

nikon-v3-660x483 V3_10_30_PD_DFN1000_GRN1010_top-660x491 V3_10_30_PD_LCD_2

In case you are worried about lens variety, you can calm down. The V3 uses the Nikon F mount adapter system so it can support your Nikon lenses you use with you DSLR. Otherwise, you can stick with a few of the lens available for this camera which include a 32mm F1.2, an 18mm F1.8, and even the 10-30mm 3.5-5.6.

Camera Features

  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • 720p 120fps video / 1080p 60fps video
  • 18.4mp
  • 20fps continuous image shooting
  • 171 AF points

"Your smartphone or tablet will be your favorite accessory for the Nikon 1 V3. Install Nikon's free iOS or Android app and watch the outstanding photos you take with the Nikon 1 V3 appear instantly on a compatible smartphone or tablet* for easy sharing by text message, email or uploading to your favorite site. Share every brilliant view—instantly!" I am all for this.  I love being able to quickly load my images on to my smartphone and I am glad to see this becoming a norm.

Supplied Accessories

  • GR-N1010 Camera Grip
  • DF-N1000 Electronic Viewfinder
  • AN-N1000 Black Neck Strap
  • UC-E20 Micro USB Cable
  • EN-EL20a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • MH-29 Battery Charger
  • BF-N1000 Body Cap
  • BS-N4000 Multi Accessory Port Cover
  • ViewNX 2

Below is a video showing off the 20fps image capture speed.

Still feel like you are looking for some more information on this product? No worries, you can check out this awesome product video Nikon also put out on their Youtube page. It does a great job at highlighting key features of the camera and giving you a strong visual sense of what it is to look like.

We will update this post as more info comes in. [via and]

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whats that dial on the bottom for? in the first big picture with the EVF. Is it part of a bigger battery?

Looks like it is a part of the grip. Not sure exactly for at the moment.

That will be to rotate the screw to hold the grip onto the body. All grips have something similar.

120fps might just make this thing worth it on its own.

Yes, the grip will be an accessory (updated post) as well as a viewfinder accessory.

Could the 60fps still image with locked focus possibly be used to create a second or two of high speed 4k (and then some) video? I know this was a thought with previous models... If this goes for at least 60 frames for one or two there's a thought...

I don't understand the pricing - You can get the Olympus EM1 for $1150 on Amazon which has a much bigger sensor, 5-axis IBIS, weatherproof, more focus points that you'd need.

The only way this is interesting is if a photographer need 20 fps raw, but I can get a brand new 1st generation Nikon v1 which can do 60fps raw at $250 -- or if you need 120fps video - but I would want to get a more versatile Panasonic GH4 which can do 96fps instead

So who is this for?

I think you're confusing a video frame rate (60 fps) with the continuous stills frame rate (20 fps).

Hi Alex - I'm talking about continuous still frame rate. the Nikon v1 can take 60 raw pictures in one second. However you cannot control focus or exposure at those rates.

I was mentionning video frame rate though in the 2nd part of my comment.

Wow, I stand corrected! Thanks for the clarification!

The EVF is a step back. Still no hot shoe on this system. Too bad, coulda been interesting to use in studio fashion work, with the proposed speed capabilities.

I wish this system would go away.