Arkansas Razorbacks Gigapixel Stadium Panorama

Arkansas Razorbacks Gigapixel Stadium Panorama

The Arkansas Razorbacks recently teamed up with Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas to create a Gigapixel pano of the football stadium during a home game. The team turned it into a cool social media campaign where fans can tag themselves and friends and win prizes. You can check out the full pano here.

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Do you think they used a Gigapan or do you think this was done manually?

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my guess is a gigapan.

I think these images are amazing. However, and not wanting to sound paranoid or anything, but has anyone stopped to think of the implications for misusing something like this. A few gigapan systems setup in any public event and everyone is traceable. In the wrong hands it would cause problems.    

I'm in this photo!