Hula Hoop + Cam + Duct Tape + the Women of Burning Man = Gorgeous

I'll no doubt take some heat for this video but you know what?... It's worth it. Filmed and edited by Rob Volkel (Hula Fantastica), this video captures the POV (point of view) from a hula hoop as it makes it's way around some of the women at Burning Man. The result is a gorgeous, upbeat and fun video. Is it sexy? Hell ya. Is it sexy enough for a NSFW? Maybe. But one thing for sure is it's a wonderfully creative use of a GoPro HD. Not every project has to involve $10K in studio lighting and a Hasselblad. Remember to have fun out there kids, cause Rob sure did.

via [LaughingSquid]

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Saw this earlier today and was blown away. 

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Wow.... don't watch that after you've just ate...

@facebook-555501317:disqus . Really dude, u need to learn to chill.

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Don't jump on the soapbox, he meant motion sickness, I got it too. 

What did you expect? It's a GoPro on a hula hoop... Dumbasses.

Awesome awesome awesome!  What a great idea.



How does the camera stay at the distant end instead of coming 'in and out'? Or it actually is going in and out, but just small portions are played before cutting to the next person.


The cam is going <a href="" rel="nofollow">"in and out"</a>, it's just that most of the cuts are when the cam is at the closest. Remember that the GoPro has a really wide FoV, so <a href="" rel="nofollow">"objects in image are closer than they appear"</a>
(I'm not sure if this is your question, though)

Yeah, thanks.

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absolutely great cocept.And no iphones involved!

I think all wedding photographers should start doing this now. (J.K.)  Cool concept, but I had the same question as coresare.  Looks like maybe for some cuts the camera is stationary farthest from the girl (i.e., the girl is just holding the hoop and not flinging it around her) and in others the camera is rotating along with the hoop.

LOL. Made me smile. Very nice concept and well executed.

So dizzy right now

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How long before this is incorporated into a national ad campaign for ____ product?

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Love, Love, Love it!  Great idea, great edits with music! Sexy!