The 5 Most Important Traits of a Great Director of Photograpahy

In this video, Filmmaker Matt Mangham runs down five important traits that every great director of photography should have.​ A director of photography (DP or DOP), also known as a cinematographer, directs the camera crews and is responsible for determining the overall artistic and technical aspects of a film.

They typically select the gear (cameras, lenses, film stock, lighting, filters, etc.) and are responsible for actualizing a director's vision from scene to scene. But it takes more than knowing how to get the job done in order to be considered a great DP. It takes a combination of virtues and good character. 

1. Be Confident: Make sure your clients and crew have complete trust in your abilities, to reduce stress and raise morale.

2. Know What You Want: Do everything you can to be prepared in the pre-production process. Know what your client wants, plan, and research accordingly.

3. Envision Each Shot: With time and experience, envisioning your shot will allow you to know whether a shot will work or not.

4. Be Detail Oriented: Study all your past work. Look at all the little things that bother you, so you can correct them in the future. All the little details matter and make the difference between a good film and a killer film.

5. Be A Nice Person: It's not just your work that gets you hired, it's how well people can work with you on set.

Killer work will open the door but being a great person will keep the door open. Be a good, decent, fun person to work with and you'll find that lots of agencies and companies will go out of their way, even if it's out of their budget, to work with you. -Matt Mangham

Simple and sound advice. Thanks for sharing Matt.

[via Story & Heart]

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Be a nice person, perfect tip.... Nice video