J.J. Abrams On Filmmaking

Filmmaker J.J. Abrams; Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Super 8, Lost, Revolution, Fringe, the upcoming Star Wars movie (the man is everywhere these days,) gives us a peek into his process during a recent sit down interview with the British Academy Of Film And Television Arts.

Abrams discusses the transitions between television to the big screen, balancing hyper-reality with intimacy, why television leaves room for surprises, the best advice he's ever been given and what advice he would give to future filmmakers.

The video is loaded with inspiration from Abrams, a producer who clearly keeps pushing his successful career in upward directions

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Interesting comments at the end about actually getting out there and doing what you want to do, rather than just talking about it. The technological limitations of the past are no longer a barrier.

more lensflares..... he has done one good movie.. that´s it.

I would say that his movies and his series are one of the better things out in the past. Granted he is no Joss Whedon.