Life in the Future with Google Glass

The hilariously creative people over at Grovo (gogorovo on YouTube) posted this video yesterday showing what life may look like in the future of GWC photography/videography if Google Glass ever becomes the next big innovation it claims to be. While it's obvious that this is just some tongue in cheek humor, I'd imagine that as with any popular product with a built-in camera someone will try to find their niche (ever see someone taking photos with an iPad?) and soon youtube will be flooded with videos of wedding photographers running around the ceremony staring at people.

Google has already released photos taken by Glass as you can see here, as well as this video which claims to be captured entirely with Glass as well.

I'm still trying to imagine exactly how things will play out in the end with the whole Glass subject in general, as there seems to be so much controversy swarming around it all ready in terms of privacy rights and safety regulations, but I think that the perspective that these allow the user to record from could push the boundaries of what we can share with the world much like the GoPro has done already.


In maybe some more practical ways than those demonstrated in the feature video, what ideas come to mind for you that Google Glass could help you create, or do you think you'll find a use for it at all? Let me know in the comments!



[via YouTube]

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Hilarious. Well Done.

Wear google glass, look like an as$..

"After this bridge, first exit." If you find yourself in San Francisco travelling across the Golden Gate Bridge and say this. Consider yourself a moron.