Michael Koerbel Directs A Video....On The iPhone 4 (Update)

This video is great not only because it is a solid video and has a behind the scenes video built in right at the end, but also because I think it goes to show that even with a relatively cheap phone you can shoot amazing HD footage for your BTS videos. I know a lot of our readers are iphone users (or android) so this video should help inspire you for our BTS Contest that ends August 1st. Now instead of having to find a friend who has a pro video camera or DSLR with video, you only have to find someone with an iPhone 4! Hope you guys enjoy watching this and can appreciate the team's creativity despite the 'limiting' camera gear.

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Ghislain's picture

Wow, this is just too freaking cool!! Well done!!

Dragos's picture

That is some really nice work

Jay Malone's picture

What sis you use to edit the 2nd video? can it be used on a PC?

Vernon Bisho's picture

Thank you for this video. It hits on so many levels. Where do would you begin if you were going to lecture on how to do that. My students will never believe you shot this in an iPhone.

You are my hero.

I loved the short story and the emotion you generated with shot selection, lighting and music.

I want to know how to create the same effect. Who wrote the story?

Vernon Bisho

marcin's picture

very well done!

Norman's picture

I am very impressed, Thank you for sharing. Nicely done!

david joseph's picture

Amazing final product !