Origami, 3D Cameras, and 600 Photos Later...

One trend you will find happening in the advertising world is the merging of video and photography in a way that creates something no one has seen before. When it came time to start creating the next ad for Toshiba's new laptops and 3D TVs the team decided to create something completely original. Check out this video of how they created this painstakingly difficult video which involves using stop motion to capture complex Origami shapes "unfold" all while being shot in 3D.

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It wasn't very 3D... jk. I know it will be. Anyway, very cool stuff. (600frames/clip)/(24frames/sec) = 25seconds/clip. Interesting stuff :D

Simply creative.


not the most original idea, yes this one uses cinema 4d for the animation but concept is pretty dam close even check the scripts when they start sound similar. anyways great video and kuddos to the stop motion team i don't know you guys but your patience inspires me a lot. also great blog FS

you guys scare him off now video is privateĀ