Pacific Star II gives us another view of the world

I hope it is not too soon to feature another video of a camera sent to space with a weather balloon but the footage taken from the Pacific Star II is really amazing! This was all done with two cheap Canon point and shoot cameras off ebay, a weather balloon, and a simple Styrofoam enclosure. It still blows my mind that such a simple setup can produce such beautiful shots. Click the post to see the original video and how much work it takes into relocating one of these balloons.

And the Original Pacific Star Balloon:

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I really enjoyed this one, the shots and video are amazing. I'm sure there must be a lot of work before too...

Just amazing!!
Q: Wasn't there the chance to be a danger for airplanes??

Not sure this is totally legal but amazing !

Cool stuff! - but how the hell they find those cameras once they landed?????

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Click on the post to see the first video they did. I think they used a gps to track it...maybe one through AT&T

I'm disappointed I didn't see any Seagulls

Check out the other pictures on his website...
Amazing stuff

How did you know where the package landed and how did you trigger the parachute?

Can also be kind and put a video about how to programme your camera to fire every 3 mintues.