The Paper Kites "Young" Music Video Made of 4000 Portraits

There's nothing more inspirational for me than someone taking a medium and using it outside of it's usual purpose. This creative collaboration between film team "Oh Yeah Wow" and musical group "The Paper Kites" shows how photography can become a killer music video.


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Re watch and see how many handlebar mustaches you can see. Here is a Hint... A lot.

so many faces I can hardly appreciate the concept. I would slow the pace to four times less...

Cool idea. Shame about the song...

I agree. The song should be catchier and then I might have watched more of it.

you are right Jake. you are always right and always lame too..

The problem is that the portraits are all align to between the eyes, so the mouths are moving up and down between frames.

The images should have all been aligned to the center of the mouth for the effect to work better.

Hey try this this is fun. press pause randomly throughout the video. funness ensues!!!!

Click pause repeatedly throughout to see individual faces. A lot of the portraits are repeated several times.

There's way too many negative comments from nit-picky people on this post. The video is a really great piece of art! fantastic lighting setup and simple yet interesting concept. I've never heard the band but I loved the music, it was chill but still catchy (it didn't need to build into some epic song or have a big crazy beat. It's cool music not because it's TRYING to be cool, but because it just IS cool.) So great job and keep it up!

super cool!
Stupid comments