The Pros And Cons Of Pulling Images From Video

The Pros And Cons Of Pulling Images From Video

We've seen this great post about pulling stills from video before. It really opens up the discussion about what technology can do for us. Will video really replace photography? The reality is it probably won't. There are quite a few pros and cons that go along with it. The Slanted Lens goes in depth with this behind the scenes video with a Canon EOS-1DC

I really felt this video was well done for people like me who know more about photography than videography. You clearly begin to realize the limitations that come with pulling frames from videos in many situations. This doesn't mean that it's entirely not possible but you can't have your pie and eat it too every time. As long as you well aware about the limitations, you can be better prepared to use this option to your advantage.

[Via The Slanted Lens]

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Chad Currie's picture

This is a personally frustrating conversation for me. I have a lot of friends who are in some way in the video production industry and I hear them talking about how they believe that photography is a dead art because you can just pull frames out of videos and they are just as good as photographs. This just isn't true and this video does a good job of illustrating why.

Ken Yee's picture much gear to buy for video...but more gear is good for B&H and Adorama ;-)

Thanks for the pragmatic comparison...sounds like you can either shoot stills or video but not both.  And the hard part is probably getting enough light to bring shutter speed up high enough for good stills...