Retoucher Amy Dresser Speaks About The Various Intentions Of Retouching

Amy Dresser has been an industry established retoucher for at least 10 years now. At Luminance 2012, she spoke about a range of topics including her relationship with other photographers to the basic principles of retouching. Granted that many of it is personal preference, there's a lot of good information to take from her presentation. 

She goes over situations where retouching plays various roles in photography, from the “dusting” that often is required to a minimal extent, all the way to a complete overhaul of the environment. Other interesting aspects of the presentation is how she talks about the working relationship between various photographers. Though there's a lot of joking along the way, she gives some great advice and information in a casual manner.

When I first began in the industry as a retoucher, I approached Amy with a few questions not expecting any response at all. However, she took the time to reply with some pertinent information and it's a testament to how she is as a person as well. I am thankful to this day and feel it's one reason I am where I am today in my career.

After listening to the presentation, what do you think about her view on the relationship photographers have with retouchers? Do you believe it's cheating or an integral process of photography? Should there also be a limitation to retouching or is anything fair game in post processing?

[via Gokce via Vimeo]

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Amy Dresser looks EXACTLY like I imagined. 

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I KNOW RIGHT?!!!!! Just like what I thought.

Retouching is, has and will always be an integral part of the photography process. Should there be limitations? Yes, when it comes to photojournalism and certain products ie. food and beauty.  

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Fstoppers - just like Iso1200, but one week later.

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That was interesting. Thanks for sharing! 

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I like her sarcasm :) Great person and obviously a very talented retoucher. Awesome share!

I know this is going to sound weird but there is an awkward, nerdy, sexiness about her !!  I know, I know sounds weird right!  Mea Culpa ! Mea Culpa!