Revolutionize The Way You Sell Your Images To Clients With Fiducia

Selling your images to clients has to be one of the toughest aspects of photography along with being the most stressful. There are so many different applications you can use on everything from your computers to iPads. That is all about to change with Fiducia. Created by Mario Masitti of Mario Masitti Studios, he is going to revolutionize the way we sell our images to clients with this simple iPad application.

I have personally spoken to Mario about his app and from what he has told me, it will be absolutely incredible. The site does not give much information on this app but you can sign up and receive an email with updates and get access to get an exclusive pre-release invitation.

I asked Mario to explain a little bit about his application, here is what he had to say.

"Fiducia is a complete sales application, designed for the iPad, that allows photographers to beautifully show their images, intuitively sort their client’s favorites, and easily pair them to products and create orders.

Designed with three modules on the familiar iPad platform, Fiducia removes the complications of spending hours learning and setting up confusing and obsolete software. A handful of highlights include a fully customizable slideshow experience, a beautiful sort and compare platform, wireless display and operations available with an Apple TV, and a complete ordering interface to collect your client’s orders. You’ll find the entire experience refreshingly seamless and easy.

Fiducia will be available via subscription in the App Store near the end of September and works with an iPad 2 or higher."

He also mentioned that he is open to suggestion from the public for ideas for the app so make sure to head over to the Fiducia website and sign up for the invitation!

Fstoppers, what would you like to see in this app?

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So this is for office sales only?

Can you expand on this a little bit? Your question is a bit vague. Thanks Robert!

I think he means that you have this iPad preloaded with app + streamed photos for example in one of those "make over studios" or high street photo studios. After shoot you give them the iPad and they simply order photos from there? 

Its interesting to see how they will develop it. :)

The application was designed for photographers to conduct the sales process. I feel there is a huge importance in the photographer being present and directing the flow. So Fiducia was not intended for us photographers to hand off the application to their client. Hopefully that helps. :)

I would love to see the ability to create print packages and pricing, as well as a sync meta data with lightroom to keep track when I'm actually exporting my images to upload to my printing company.  Similar to photosmith, but a more fluid interface with ordering info.

 Michael - appreciate the thoughts! I've looked into Photosmith at one point (the wireless transfer from LR really intrigued me...).

I'm not opposed to the idea of syncing metadata (I assume you mean things like stars/flags/color correct?), however from what I've seen most photographers use different sorting criteria for their internal workflow versus their client sales workflow. If you want to email me,, I'd love to hear more about how you'd see that panning out in your own workflow. Cheers!

Thanks Mario.  I'll send you an email with my work flow and how I wish I could use my ipad for sales.  I was actually right in the middle of creating an order form in Numbers for use during my sales session, so I'm glad to see that someone is trying to fill this void. :)

Will you be creating an Android version of this?

 Hi there Kim! No plans for Android.