Robert Rodriguez Exposes Kobe Bryant's Black Mamba

One of my favorite directors is Robert Rodriquez, and I was about to post another great BTS video showcasing his directing skills when I came across this video. Most of this short Nike commercial is shot on green screen but that doesn't mean that you as a photographer can't take away something from this big production. I love Robert's ability to tell a story with wild twists and turns all while sprinkling his films with exciting characters and effects that still bring out the teenager in us all. Check out a short behind the scenes video below and watch the final production in the second video.

Final video:

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Adam Sund's picture

I just came a little

Adam Sund's picture

Ehm, I mean, I just Did it.

How cool is that. He bumps into Bruce Willis in the gym and he agrees to be in the commercial. How the other half live!

Patrick Hall's picture

What I took from this is I need to start going to a more popular gym! Oh and I need more fire in my photoshoots :)

We need more explosions! :D

bigger budget = bigger explosions! :D

Bruce Willis just has to be in rodriguez/tarrantino's films

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that was cheesy..but entertaining.