Sam Jones Goes offCamera with New Magazine

Print is not dead and celebrity portrait photographer Sam Jones has created offCamera magazine — part print magazine, website, web television series and podcast — to showcase and profile actors, musicians and artists working at the highest level of their professions. Jones, whose work frequently appears in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Men's Journal, intends for offCamera to be an artistic vehicle for further exploration of the casual chats that often occur on set during his editorial photo shoots.

offCamera, Sam Jones"I wanted the opportunity to get in the room with people that really interest me, and have a deeper conversation about how they became artists, how they approach their craft, and what is important to them," explained Jones to John Horn of the LA Times. "And I also wanted the environment to be able to photograph and film them on my own terms, without having the creative direction influenced by a certain project or client. I wanted to strip away all that stuff and make a pure portrait of an artist."

The first five issues of offCamera appear online here.


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Incredible dude. Cool interview.

Ihab Mokayed's picture

Great, now I know how to get him act in one of my future movies, hahaa! No really, amazing interview, I really enjoyed watching it.