Six Essential Camera Movements to Make Your Videos Look More Cinematic

In this article you will learn the six essential camera movements that will help you to create more cinematic looking video footage. You will also discover some little known tricks for getting steady shots that will make your videos look more pro.

The first movement we will cover is the pan which is the cameras movement from left to right or vice versa. One of the most difficult things to get right, is the actual speed of the pan. If you pan your camera to fast you will get what some people refer to as a judder effect in your footage.

The second movement is the tilt which you can use to either tilt your camera up or tilt your camera down. Again your speed and having a consistent steady movement is crucial to create a smooth cinematic look for your videos. The third camera movement is to truck your camera left or to truck your camera right often this movement is carried out using a slider to help you to steady your shots and to aid you in sliding the camera at a constant speed.

Our fourth camera movement is called the dolly and that forward and backward movement can be used to zoom into or away from your subject. Which brings us to a less common movement called the roll which has become more popular recently with the use of the DJI Ronin S gimbal.

The six movement is referred to as the pedestal which is the movement of the camera up and down and is also sometimes called booming. You can use a crane or jib to create this type of shot. Most of these movements can also be simplified by using Edelkrone gear which will give you smoother and more stable shots.

Do you have a favorite camera movement you use often in your own videos? Let me know which one and why in the comment section below.

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Paul Peregrine's picture

Exceptional. Very well done.

davidlovephotog's picture

Please change "Six Essential Camera Movements to Make Your Videos Look More Cinematic" to "Buy these products"

Property Shooter's picture

Really?!? Was that an Advertorial?!?! Why not mention all the other manufacturers of camera movement hardware (Kessler etc....)?!?

How much do I need to pay to get a similarly sparse article to advertise my company?!

Patrick Hall's picture

Really? As someone who recently reviewed and had the chance to play with this exact setup, I feel like Gerald did an excellent job not only showing the product but also giving some really good advice about different camera moves.

It’s so shocking to me, in a world filled with blatant ads on every possible streaming media, ads that have absolutely nothing to do with the programming you are watching, how many people are upset about sponsored videos that contain humor, entertainment, and free content/tips/tricks.

I actually watched this and wished I had thought of this idea!

Gerald Bertram's picture

Got to agree with you Patrick. Even a cursory look at Gerald's past videos would show he is not a guy that just puts out videos to make money off of selling/advertising gear. They guy gets into the serious nitty gritty details on film making. His videos on the video/picture profiles of Sony and Panasonic cameras are some of the best out there and I know I have learned a ton from him.

davidlovephotog's picture

I think it's the not mentioning a product ad in the title "Six Essential Camera Movements to Make Your Videos Look More Cinematic." I would assume under that title one would discuss multiple ways to get camera movements and the six he's talking about. Gimble, sliding across a desk, using a skateboard or from the seat of a car. Then when it's all about products a feeling of duped to click consumes us.