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Slow motion taking over action sports

With action sport videos continuing to get more and more impressive, it's no wonder why the filming is moving away from the photojournalistic approach to more of a cinematic feel. Videographers are having to keep up with the trending demands of todays standards, using high quality gear like the Sony FS-700 for slow motion, and a RC helicopters for great overhead shots, like the Copter Kids. These guys use the RC helicopter to get some really unique camera movements of freestyle motocross.

Check out their work at here. What do you think? Itching to try this yourself?

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apercep's picture

The shots are amazing.. The slo-mo is really cool.. But being a gearhead, I miss the noises..

Brandon Jacoby's picture

Oh man this is awesome!!

Elliott Montello's picture

If you use the fs700 you will understand what I mean with the question....they must have been shooting 120 or 240 for the shots right...but how did they press record after the buffer when the cam was in the air?


I would like to see some jump footage without the back lighting


 I would like to see some jump footage without the back lighting

Lear Miller's picture

@twitter-345599546:disqus   go to i have a few little videos using the fs700

Jeremy Lei's picture

I really like the Helicopter rig. What kind is it?

Jacques's picture

 Well spotted.  Perhaps the authors don't communicate with each other about stories.