Social Experiment - What It Feels Like To Be A Freelancer

As photographers, many of us work on a freelance type basis. Though this is geared toward other freelance artists, 'Don't Get Screwed Over' came up with a social experiment where people could experience what it would feel like to be a freelancer. People who passed by the table had an opportunity to make $5 based on drawing something simple that what was requested of them. After they were done, they were met with a let down, and a refusal to pay, because the drawing wasn't quite as expected. The reactions were priceless. 

“The video was created for a site that helps to raise awareness of the benefits from working with legal documents when freelancing—hoping to help freelancers not get ‘screwed over’ because of miscommunications or just bad luck”

The website offers tips on how not to get 'screwed over' and also enables people to learn more about open source legal documents.

Do you feel that this social experiment was beneficial in being able to relay what a freelancer feels like? Or do you feel that it missed its mark?

[Via DesignTaxi]

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Jomar R. Galvez's picture

Nice! Very true.

Jason Lei's picture

Well wish I had found this. Getting my ass screwed over and handed to me right now.

writersbloc's picture

fml. "I might have a better idea of what I want once you show me what I don't like."

René Hildebrand's picture

uhh big spelling mistake in video :D

Andrew Houser's picture

While I do think that the example of not getting what you were told is conveyed, I don't this this experiment accurately depicts what a freelancer is being like. The subjects were "duped" in (I don't think a smart freelancer/small business owner would allow themselves to be duped for long) to a simple task, and then later told about additional requirements.

Looks like a shock gag video, but the video about client negotiations in real world scenarios is much closer to the mark and more poignant, I think.

Mr Blah's picture

First timer might not think about being extra-super-duper clear when agreeing to shoot for someone. Notice the handshake which, I beleive' is a reminder that sometime first timers don't get a written agreement...I'd say it's close enough! Depends on how you see/analyse it.

Anthony N.'s picture

Someone needs to make a gag video on how almost all designers think their idea is the best possible one in existence. And yes, I'm in the industry and it's true. Designers have egos that they need to learn to get over when their work is critiqued.