Stop Making These Five Video Production Mistakes

Making music videos is really difficult. No money, big value. That is what is expected. However, they are a lot easier with these tips from producer Moses Israel, who has produced nearly 1,000 music videos.

While I do not want to go through every tip, thus ruining any reason to watch this amazing video from Indy Mogul (remember them?), the first tip is by far the most pertinent to me: secure your money.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but when creating a video, not just music videos, there are lots of up-front costs. Locations, craft, permits, insurance. All of these things you have to pay, often before you get paid for the actual work, which could be anywhere from a week to three months down the line. Not so good when after you wrap, you suddenly have everyone asking to be paid, but there is no money left. Be sure that you have contracts in place saying that even if the production doesn't happen, you can pay your crew and yourself. 

There are four more amazing tips in the video above. What do you think of them? Ever run into these issues yourself? What did you do?

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Really interesting video.