The Stories Behind Annie Leibovitz's Most Meaningful Works

AYP just put out Part Three of Annie Leibovitz's exclusive gallery tour where she shares the stories behind some her life's most meaningful works. These short unpolished videos provides insight into this legendary photographer and some of the works that have made her one of the most notable shooters of all time. Get the back story behind her pregnancy shoot with Demi Moore, moments with her family and more from this ongoing series.

If you missed them Part One and Two are below.

via [AYP]


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Is she still millions in debt?

I never quite understood where her debts came from...

Mujtaba Sayed's picture

Apparently she's doing fine, she's being frugal now, downsized to a $11 million home haha

Wasn't she the one who put the rights to all her future work up for collateral on a loan or whatever?
I wonder whether she might be a compulsive gambler or something like that because I don't see how anyone could have tens of millions and be able to spend enough to end up in debt.

Mujtaba Sayed's picture

Sometimes when people become accustomed to a certain lifestyle they do whatever they can to maintain that level of luxury, even if it means being in serious debt.

Mike Last's picture

Being poor at money management and the real estate renovation issues with her Greenwich Village homes:

Anonymous's picture

KLICK KLICK I KLICK KLICK hardly KLICK can KLICK KLICK KLICK understand KLICK KLICK KLICK what KLICK she KLICK is KLICK KLICK talking KLICK KLICK about with KLICK all KLICK KLICK these "KLICKS" in the background. I love to take pictures, but PLEASE have some respect when someone is talking and take pictures before and after the talk and LISTEN to what one has to say.