This Thai Insurance Video Is The Most Emotional Commercial Ever

As videographers, photographers, and creatives alike, one of our goals with imagery or video is to capture an audience and move people in one way or another. We all work in different areas of the industry but we all share a common bond. This Thai Insurance commercial, Silence of Love, is quite possibly the most emotional and powerful one we've seen. We warn you before watching, it's quite a tear jerker! Although, it's definitely a must watch. The audio in this rendition is from another theme all together. 


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Actually did jerk tears from me -- and from an insurance commercial, no less. A little heavy-handed for a commercial, but effective nonetheless. Interestingly, my wife just shrugged her shoulders.

Martin it's a father thing, wives never understand us. Fantastic short film though.

Women don't get this type of emotion.  I think it's more relative to a male with children.  We would do anything, even if it means giving up our own life, for our child.

Well said.

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"Women don't get this type of emotion", is a bit more heavy handed than this commercial. Growing up amongst aunts and a Grandmother, who are (and were, may Grandma rest in peace) dedicated single moms, whose cowardly absentee fathers forced women to be more of a man than them, I can tell you that loving parents, men and women alike, have this type of emotion. 

The commercial was beautiful and deserved to be a short film rather than a commercial. It was that good. Even though the father was deaf and mute, any loving parent can empathize, dramatically if not literally, the heart-rending agitation of not being able to generate understanding towards their children. We talk to them, give advice and express love at times which make us feel like we're not completely reaching them. Showing this by way of a character who cannot hear or speak, was brilliant.

I was mainly relating to what Martin said about his wife shrugging her shoulders.  So many times I've shown my wife something, I thought was interesting, and she just blows it off.  If it was a mother and her son it probably would have been different.  Women, who understands them?  :)

I saw a similar commercial years ago, but its a shampoo , not insurance. check it our t here : 

Ouf...As a father of 3 little girls, couldn't help but crying.  I'd give my life for my daughters too...

Damn right I would give it twice!

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Very moving! It reminds me of another great commercial: "Embrace Life"

That's powerful stuff right there.

jeez. way to put a downer on my evening. all kidding aside. that got to me, big time. powerful is an understatement. 

I saw this one from Thai Life several years ago - equally moving--

omg, just stop, I cant handle these commercials anymore. I feel depressed. 

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Whatever you do, don't watch this at work just before a big meeting.

Wow... Amazing.

My father and mother are deaf too. I love them more than anything. I was
get everything from my parents... house, education, support in my
carrier and the most important: happy childhood. My parents are the
best! I love them so much!

Kind regards from Hungary:
a passionate photographer and FStopper reader

Absolutely amazing! I'm not going to lie, I got a bit teared up as well. I don't know how this could be a commercial at 3:04 long, but still VERY moving and effective message. 

I am at a loss of words. Its so emotional, it may just be unethical. wow. Amazing story telling.

Spoiler Alert:

The ending made no sense. How would he die? It's a hospital, they have gallons of blood all around.
Great commercial otherwise, I'd love to create something half this good.