Transformers: The Sound Behind The Movie

If you went to see a movie over the weekend, chances are you went to see the new Michael Bay movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. You may not be a big fan of Michael Bay and his over use of (and often reused) CGI effects, but you have to admit the creative artists responsible for carrying out Mr. Bay's vision are pretty remarkable. SoundWorks has profiled the incredible work sound designers Ethan Van der Ryn and Erik Aadahl went through to create the soundtrack required to make the visual effects on the screen believable. For the photographer or videographer just getting into video, you will soon realize how important the audio element is in maintaining a high production value in your films. If you enjoyed our post on The Sound of Inception then you are sure to enjoy this one as well.

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Payam Jirsa's picture

Oh my goodness, I love sound and foley production, it's completely an art form in and of itself. Can't wait for this movie, was dying that they didn't actually play clips from the movie of the sounds they were talking about.

Patrick Hall's picture

I know!  I was a bit disappointed in that too.  Oh well, it's still fun to watch them work on the sounds.

Payam Jirsa's picture

Totally, amazing to see how they can create sounds out of pretty much any and everything. Very creative.

Kory Twaites's picture

Loved this guys! I agree with Payam tho. But after seeing this it really makes me want to go back and rewatch the movie.

This IS absolutely the best looking special effects movie I have ever seen. We are shooting some work for DC comics and Hallmark and after leaving this film I was PUMPED. Michael Bay and his team or on a whole OTHER level.

Realist's picture

but the movie is the worst no story, no emotions. Also lots of reused effects from other movies. 

very cool post

Garrett Graham's picture

I enjoyed watching this video more than I enjoyed Transformers 3! That dry ice noise was freaking awesome!

Realist's picture

terrible movie for little kids

Did that guy just say they paid £100,000 each for two of the biggest rockets they could find so they could capture the sound of them taking off? Woah! 

Anyway, I loved the film, watched it at an IMAX 3D screen.