Trash the Dress Pictures with the Super Moon

Sometimes great pictures just show up and all you have to do is press the shutter. The majority of the time, however, they takes careful planning. Andre Fernandes planned out this trash the dress session quite well, taking advantage of a once in a year opportunity using the super moon as a unique background.

A few of the final images highlighting the moon can be found on his fan page. Anybody else manage to snag some awesome super moon shots?

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André Fernandes's picture
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André Fernandes and Time, Congratulations

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More one great job of quality from my friend André! Really good see you here! Nice pictures and planning!

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André, I REALLY liked the photos from this shoot!  (Click on his link, they are not in the movie).

Nice work...looks like a fun day of shooting.  Did you license the Coldplay song?

would have been better if include the output on the video, even if related link would surf the purpose.

Shooting my first wedding this summer. This is great inspiration for sure! 


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Nikon tattoo?....

André Fernandes's picture

And canon :)

 hehe nice!

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I will be honest - I hate and do not understand BTS videos without final results included.
I even take it as some disrespect to audience. 
P.S. Great pictures came out.


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beautiful photographic essay, congratulations you deserve everything good

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The first comment I made is the link to the photos.

Good work, and a creative photographer....

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Very nice work André and really fun video!

that bride is gorgeous!! ddaaammmnn these brazilians are hot!!!!

Really cool photographer and I like the way it's filmed with the monopod thing! :D