[Video] Awesome BTS Look Of Special Effects In Boardwalk Empire

The boys at Brainstorm Digital have put together a great BTS look at how Boardwalk Empire's special effects come together to bring you the finished product that you end up seeing. It blows my mind when I see things like this, because I have very little knowledge as to how it is done. Enjoy!

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Shots through windows where the camera is moving are some of the hardest to pull off. It all seams very obvious when you see it here but there are so many visual effects in TV today that it's unreal. I like how they showed some of the more subtle stuff too. It's not all replacing huge chunks of the scene or explosions, a lot of it is adding fence posts or changing signs to match the time period. If you are interested in this stuff you should check out Mike Seymour's "the vfx show" podcast on iTunes. They talk about tons of this stuff, I listen to it on my commute.


VERY cool video. Thank you for posting it! 

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Haha, nice URL

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Love this show.

Amazed how subtle the effects are.


I do this for my job.
But these guys are so much better.
High five brothers!

wow, that was amazing