[Video] BTS Look at a Kitesurfing Paradise

Naish Kiteboarding's Brand Manager, Damien Girardin, gives us a BTS look at what goes into the making of their photoshoots and video productions. The video starts with a short and sweet explanation of what they went through to make it and then cuts to the final product. Enjoy!

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Can't wait for summer!

Is it just me, or have some of the videos not been centered with the page? Makes it hard to watch when the fstoppers originals are goin straight through the video player lol

It's not just you, I have to very same problem since this morning.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Same here. I am watching full screen ;)

I will pass your message along. I have not experienced that though, what browsers are you guys using?

Seems a center-tag has snuck into the post, according to the source code.