[Video] Florence Colgate From The UK Is Regarded To Have The Most Beautiful Face

[Video] Florence Colgate From The UK Is Regarded To Have The Most Beautiful Face

18 year old Florence Colgate from Britain won the  'Britain's Most Naturally Beautiful Face' contest. Apparently, it was based on the science of symmetry, width and length of her face, and perfect facial features. Some have even regarded her as the having the World's most perfect face. With beauty being so subjective, do you believe there is a science behind it? What do you define as perfect? 

From Pratik:

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Nicholas's picture

While she is certainly very pretty, and the science behind what constitutes a "perfect" face, is amusing, I found the subject informative, but in the most superficially underwhelmed way. 

I wouldn't define perfection. It is as incredibly subjective to define as it is ironic a feat to achieve. But as a portrait photographer, being interested in everybody, saves me from being interested in perfection. Nobody is perfect in my view; that's what holds my gaze more than anything else. 

Cool post. Thanks for sharing and a Happy Mother's Day to all.

Took the words out of my mouth. Well said good sir.

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yeah forreal r u fcking kidding me?! "....plans to study business, unless of course a lucrative modeling contract shows its face" - that makes me feel like i'm going to throw up just a little bit.

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the way her mouth moves isnt perfect thought. does she speak with a bit of a slithp?

Cute. Very cute... Cutest fish and chips waitress around, most likely (I have seen the other ones, can confirm). Extremely pleasant? Definitely. Sexy accent? score 100 in my book. Perfect? That's just a sick concept. I love perfection. If there was such a thing as a perfect face, I would know (the concept... not the person).  

what are they talking about...her lips crook when she talks...

The lips are not perfect, nor symmetrical. And geometrical perfection isn't necessarily the same as beauty.

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Cue 50 guys missing the entire point of the video and the award.

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Beautiful woman! But my girlfriend looks thousand times more beautiful like she does! :-)

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No one is perfect!

It's all in the math.  Symmetry and ratio are what we look for as humans.  We are machines, and we seek symmetry. It is everywhere in nature.  Look up the golden ratio, or the Fibonacci sequence.

I think the concept of perfection is found in the imperfection... despite that, she is quite cute indeed, but I'd say not the most.

while she is pretty, her lips aren't really symmetrical, and neither is her nose (it's a bit crooked and the nostrils are completely different from one another). So i don't know where they came up with the symmetrical/scientific perfection bull**** :P