[Video] Glidecam With a Little Mix of Music

Many of you may know the name Devin Graham, the cinematographer who filmed the giant rope swing in Utah featured a couple months ago. Devin has a signature style using a glidecam in most of his videos. Though he incorporated it in several shots in the rope swing project, some of his projects seem to be filmed exclusively with shots using the glidecam. This project with Lindsey Stirling, a pop violinist who likes to play with styles, seems to be one of those videos. I find the simplicity of filming with one piece of equipment and the diversity of movement that he captures with it to be quite mesmerizing.



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Nathan Hamler's picture

Pretty awesome....and she is wicked hot...

David Strauss's picture

Thanks for catching that =)

WOW... this is incredible. This is just as refreshing as when I saw Miri Bin Ari perform for the first time.

Kurt Stevens's picture

I've shot here at the Ice Castles before, they are up in Silverthorne Colorado: