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[Video] Hands on with the Canon Cinema 1D C

[Video] Hands on with the Canon Cinema 1D C

It seems that the good folks over at Engadet.com have managed to get their hands on the newly announced Canon Cinema 1D C at NAB in Las Vegas. For those not familiar with the camera, it's basically two Canon 1dx's in one. Ok maybe not, but it does record 4k video footage while maintaining a regular dslr camera body. In fact, it has the same still photo capabilities as the 1DX and is more or less the identical body.

The ability to shoot 4k footage over 2k sets it apart from the 1DX instantly. That, along with the $15,000 price tag. (Maybe it was closer to three 1dx's in one?). Either way be sure to check out the video below of the 1D C in all it's glory.

Via: engadget.com

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...I'll wait for next year's Black Magic version, and save a few bucks.   :-)

Guy, If I could inject a friendly chunk of info. This is Black Magic's first GO-ROUND at creating a cinema camera and with that comes issues. In the case of this camera there sensor size is very small in respect to something such as the full frame 5d Mii or Miii (even though they don't use the full sensor in video mode because of line skipping).  What happens in that case is that to fit the same number of pixels in a smaller sensor, you are forcing those pixels to be smaller and with that you get loss of sharpness, decreased low light performance (noise), and limited depth of field. Now don't get me wrong, the 5d caliber of camera has it's own issues but for the price range of the black magic camera, depending on your shooting style, there are many other cameras that will outperform the black magic by miles. It hurts to say that because black magic has done us well in the past for other products but this camera will disappoint for $3000 with all of the other cameras that price available on the market. Hope that might give some level of insight.    :-)

Hi Scott,

   I think that this first Black Magic Cinema camera is the first shot across the bows for the major video players. I expect the finished Black Magic product will be very successful when it arrives later this summer, with more ambitious cameras to follow by NAB 2013.

The new Canon Cine products appear to be very good, but they have priced themselves quite conservatively, and may have trouble holding on to these high prices once real competition arrives.

is it still manual zoom only?

All real cinema cameras are manual zoom. you can buy the new pentax lens though with auto zoom.

Who uses zoom in cinema though?  (besides hitchcock) :-)