[Video] Kareem Black Explains Shooting The King

From the Profoto Master series, Kareem Black explains the process and how he shot his award winning image of the Burger King King. He shows us his lighting diagrams and a bit of why he did what he did. Enjoy!

GEAR USED: Kareem used a silver Profoto beauty dish and a Profoto 7' Parabolic ($1,840). But you can get Westcott's new parabolic umbrella for $99 here

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Kinda seemed like an Old Spice rip off. I don't know why the agency needed a conference call to shoot an Old Spice ad using the BK king. I hate how agencies draw out the simplest concept.  The FLEW out to Colorado to shoot this? That just shows how silly people can be. There was tons of light fall off near the feet, but I'm assuming this was on purpose.

I think WHO was in the photo made the photo win the awards because I simply don't see the reason anywhere else.

ah yes, the ever pessimistic msquaredgroup. who never has a good thing to say and knows everything