[Video] Need Tips On How To Light An Interview? Watch This Video

Well it's Christmas Eve here in the US and many of you are about to have a blast opening up some cool photography gadgets (or I hope so at least). But in the meantime, Eve Hazelton created a really thorough video on how to light an interview or one person scene easily and effectively. Eve is the director of photography for the film Underwater Realm which we've feature a ton on Fstoppers (check out their great BTS videos here). Her work is so helpful that Philip Bloom featured an interesting article on this video over on his blog. Check it out if you prefer an image breakdown of lighting instead of the video format. Hopefully you guys can start using some of these techniques in your own videos especially if you ever submit to our Behind The Scenes Contests down the road.

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Cute. And useful. :) Merry Christmas.

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Wonderful Tutorial. I was wondering if anyone knows what light the key was. It didn't look like a led light, but more like a hot light of some kind.

Nice Tutorial.  I would loose the light hotspot on the trash can lid.  More than likely you can't flag it off but worth trying to eliminate it.